Join The Club - Birdie


The beauty of a golf course is a study in man's relationship with nature; celebrating both the elements that we can control and those we cannot. With Birdie, Xerjoff has created a tribute to the complete experience of golf, where the natural and man-made are combined and shaped into a work of minimalist art that belongs in a category all its own.Â

Like taking the first tee box on a sun drenched day, Birdie opens with a bright and almost bitter green, with a hint of lavender and fruit evoking the bountiful grounds of a world class golf course. Petitgrain and bergamot notes provide the distinct earthiness of freshly-cropped greens and immaculate bunkers, while the developing presence of sandalwood and patchouli remind you of lush woods lining the fairway. Above all, the effect is simple and comforting, yet more than rich enough to be worthy of Xerjoff's reputation for luxury ingredients. For anyone who loves the game of golf or is in the mood for a springtime scent that's far from the flowery norm, Birdie is above par.