Knize Ten


The scent classic "Knize Ten" has a leather note, one of the rarest scent families.

The top note of Knize Ten is a little fresh with petitgrain (leaves of the bitter orange tree), oranges, rosemary and bergamot. The heart note is distinctive bitter and woody with cedars and sandal-wood and the base note is leathery and contains castoreum and a special deepness of ambergris.

Knize was founded in Vienna in 1858. After the death of founder Joseph Kni?e in 1880, his son Joseph Knize Jun. took over the business. In 1888 Kni?e received the coveted title of royal tailor to the Austro-Hungarian Court. By the turn of the century many personalities, heads of state, artists and industrialists belonged to the select group of Knize’s customers.

In 1902 the banker Albert Wolff acquired the company and later his wife Gisela ran the company. Through Gisela Wolff, the architect Adolf Loos, who was known in Vienna for his pioneering designs, joined the Knize Company. In 1909 he designed a new shop facade in black marble and glass and designed new interiors.

After the end of World War One, Fritz Wolff returned to Vienna and took over management in 1918. Three years later, Ernst Dryden was appointed to the Knize Company as designer. Dryden had studied with Gustav Klimt at art school and worked as a poster artist, designer and illustrator.

Today Dryden is known as the star-designer of the 1920s who gave the Knize Company its avant-garde fashion image and its international reputation. He also designed the timeless and elegant corporate logo, inspired by British brand names, and was generally responsible for the Knize Company’s advertising.

"Knize Ten" - the first men's fragrance collection in the world was launched on the international market. "Ten" is known as the highest player-rated handicap in polo. For Dryden and Wolff, polo, the sport of the English nobility, was the ultimate symbol of elegance. Dryden also designed the packaging for the Knize Ten fragrance line, which still exists today in the same timeless design.

Some of Knize’s most famous clients included Oskar Kokoschka (who paid for his suits with paintings), Marilyn Monroe, Kurt Tucholsky, Josephine Baker, Marlene Dietrich, Billy Wilder and King Juan Carlos of Spain.

Even today, Knize Ten enjoys a large fan base and not only counts as one of the first men's fragrances, but is regarded as a timeless classic with its elegant understatement and subtle leather note.

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